Metal transport wheels KT3


Producer: Technoparus

Code:  269

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   Trantsevy wheels of are reliable, simple and unpretentious in operation, thanks to democratic cost are the excellent offer on a ratio the price - quality. Racks of wheels, are made of a profile pipe 30 x 30 x 2, by means of system of the milled grooves are fixed in a detail the basis. The detail the basis, is made of metal 3 mm thick, has the channel form. All metal elements, pass a full cycle of a galvanics, and then become covered by a polymeric covering. The design feature given models of trantsevy wheels is lack of the small, easily lost elements. Installation and change of situation (marching or working) happens in one contact. It is enough to shift a rack on a groove and to turn by 180 degrees. Further at the expense of weight there is a fixing of a rack in the basis